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Planning to Install a Fire Sprinkler System? Know the 3 Different Types Available

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Your fire safety in the home or commercial establishment depends on the type of firefighting equipment you use. The technology used to suppress fires has evolved greatly over the past few years. Consequently, you will find countless fire fighting brands and systems in the market. Although the fire sprinklers in the market can be confusing, choosing the right one will not be a big deal if you first assess your needs before buying them.

Here are three of the most popular fire sprinkler systems in the market, their mode of operation, and how you can select the one whose features serve your best interests.

1. Sprinklers That Contain Pressurised Water

The wet sprinkler system is among the most commonly used fire equipment in the market. Most commercial facilities and businesses install wet overhead systems because they are reliable and easy to use. The system contains pressurised water, which can be released to put off any fire that breaks out on your premises. 

When the fire alarm is activated, the sprinkler system is turned on, and the water is sprayed in every direction, putting out the fire. However, it's advisable to use this fire sprinkler more carefully to avoid any form of water damage. Before you use the sprinkler, ensure the appliances, office books, and other files are in a safe place.

2. Sprinklers with Nitrogen

These types of fire equipment are also known as dry fire sprinklers. They are ideal in environments where the temperatures get very cold, leading to the water freezing inside the pipes. The dry sprinkler is more effective in such environments because of the pressurised nitrogen it contains. When heat or smoke from the fire activates the fire alarm, the head of the sprinkler is also activated. The difference in air pressure draws the water from the pipe. 

The water is sprinkled all over the room, dousing the fire. These systems are efficient and ideal in processing and storage facilities where the temperatures are often below the freezing point. You can install this system if you own a cold storage facility or a restaurant business with freezers.

3. Sprinklers That Use Foam

Water is not the only substance used for fire extinction. If the fire is electrical or caused by hazardous and explosive chemicals, it would be better to invest in foam fire sprinklers. These systems have a mixture of water, foam and air. When activated, the extinguisher forms a uniform blanket over the fire, cutting off the oxygen supply, ending the fire.

Weigh the advantages of each sprinkler system before choosing one for your premises. Remember that fire safety goes hand in hand with damage control. When you install the right fire sprinkler system, you minimise the damage. For more information, contact companies like NSW Fire Extinguisher Services Pty Ltd.