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What Makes Timber Roof Trusses an Appealing Construction Product?

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If you're thinking about building a trussed roof, you should be aware that not all roof trusses are made the same. Like most other construction products, roof trusses come in a selection of materials, with one of most popular options being timber. Let's discuss some of the top qualities that make timber roof trusses one of the most widely used products for roof construction, so that you can decide if it is a good fit for your building construction project.

It is a sustainable roofing product.

Timber is one of the oldest materials used in the building construction industry, and from the look of things, it does not seem like it will be phased out any time soon. This largely attributed to the fact that timber is a renewable building material, as the timber used to make construction products like roof trusses is sourced from man-made forests or managed forest plantations. This means there will always be a ready supply of timber to be used in the manufacture of roof trusses. Hence the availability of timber roof trusses on the construction market is almost always guaranteed.

It is a reusable product.

As the Australian and global population continues to become more and more conscious of the need to protect the environment, building owners are now being encouraged to build with materials that can be used again once they have reached their maximum service life. As long as they are properly installed and cared for, timber roof trusses can last for the entire lifespan of a building. And, when it's time to take them down, they won't go straight to the landfill. They can be turned into various types of reusable timber, including salvaged, reclaimed, recycled and upcycled timber. This reduces pressure on our landfills, which is a good thing for the environment that we live in.

It is a cost efficient product.

Building with timber roof trusses generally costs less compared to building with traditional roof rafters made of wood sticks. The reason for this is there for all to see — construction of trussed roofs demands less timber. And, installation is much easier, thus resulting in further cost savings thanks to reduced labour requirement. If we are to compare timber roof trusses with other types of roof trusses like steel roof trusses, it will still turn out to be a cheaper alternative. So if you are working on a tight budget, you should consider building your roof with timber trusses.