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How to Turn a Shipping Container Into Your Very Own Pool

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Ever dreamed of having your own swimming pool? Many people have, but it's usually the prohibitive cost that means they're not in pretty much every garden in the neighbourhood. But there's an unusual, money-saving way you could be swimming in your own backyard, and you might not have heard about it.

Shipping containers are used to send all kinds of goods around the world, piled up on large boats and designed to keep their contents safe and secure. However, their design and inherent qualities mean that they're actually suitable for a range of alternative applications, and one of those is for making a home swimming pool. Here's how you can turn a humble shipping container into your very own slice of luxury:

Check your permissions

Before you start spending any money or making concrete plans, it's a good idea to check what sort of planning permission you need in your area.

Apply for whatever licenses or permits you need long before you progress any further, to avoid wasted time and money.

Choose your container

The main variation between shipping containers is the size, but it's an important factor.

First of all, you need to measure the area where the pool will be installed to work out what length and width you'll want. Next, check the height of the container, which will translate into depth when it becomes a pool. If you have young children, it's particularly important to make sure they won't have access to a dangerously deep pool.

Get the extras

At the very least, you're going to want a pump and filtration system, so you can fill up the pool and keep the water clean. Many people choose a heater, too, and you'll also need a chemical mix to keep the water sanitary and stop algae growth.

It's usually a good idea to buy a pool ladder, and if you want to paint the inside, buy a suitable paint product.

Above or below ground?

An above-ground pool is easier to install, as long as you have a flat surface for it to sit on. If you want your pool set into the ground, you'll need to get digging. It might be useful to hire equipment or a professional team to do this for you.

Prepare the inside

Shipping containers often have plywood inside, which will need to be removed. You should also give it a thorough clean, and if you're painting it, do so now.

Fit the plumbing

Install the pump and filter according to instructions, or hire a professional if you're not confident in your ability.

Fill 'er up

After all that work, it's time to get the pool filled and ready for use! Once the water has come to the level and temperature you want and the filter is up and running, you can enjoy a relaxing swim without leaving home.

Contact companies that have shipping containers for sale for more information and assistance.