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Understanding the Various Features That Are Available on Today's Photocopy Machines

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Gone are the days when a photocopy machine did nothing more than just make simple copies; today's machines can work as a printer, binder, collator and much more. While those added features and details are good to have on a machine, they can also make photocopier sales a little overwhelming, especially if you haven't purchased a new machine in many years; there's so much available! Note a few of those various features that are available on today's photocopiers so you know what to look for and also know which features you might be able to do without.


To have a photocopier hook up to your company's network so it can work as a printer, as mentioned, it will need a network interface card or some type of network capability. Don't assume all printers offer this, as you need to specifically look for the term 'network' if you want to connect to the photocopier remotely, rather than having it physically plug into one computer.

Address book

A copier with a network card can usually send email copies of a document from the machine itself; an address book allows you to choose email addresses or computers in particular so that you can then pick and choose the persons who get a copy. This cuts down on how many physical hard copies you need to produce in order to distribute a document and also means being able to email many persons at once, right from the machine.


If your documents often have graphics, you want a machine with a high resolution. This will ensure no details are missed during the copying process, and those graphics look crisp and clear with every copy. Don't assume that all copiers will reproduce graphics as clearly as the original, but invest in a high resolution model if necessary.

Accounting codes

Accounting codes track usage of the machine, according to codes that a user needs to enter before sending a document to print or copy; these codes can also be attached to each computer so that they're tracked automatically when someone sends a document over the network to be printed. Accounting codes allow you to note who is using the machine and at what volume, if necessary. This can be good if you need to figure photocopier usage into a department budget, if you sublet space in your office or if you want to ensure that no one is using the machine for personal business.