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Five Under-Utilised Colours To Paint Your Office (And Five Others To Avoid)

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If you're trying to decide what colour to have your office space painted, you're probably assuming that you ought to stick to the standard fare: something from the vast range of whites, ivories and magnolias, or perhaps a pale blue or primrose yellow if you really feel like pushing the boat out. But what if they weren't your only options? Read on to discover which five colours you should be considering for your working space--and which five you should avoid choosing at all costs.

Five to consider...

  1. Vivid Orange: If your office space needs to be bright, fun and energising, you could do a lot worse than to paint it orange! Orange walls are reminiscent of sunrises and happiness, without the sickly overtones of yellow or the overpowering feel of red. They're a great way to really get your employees wide awake and ready to go every morning, especially in a creative environment.

  2. Spring Green: Companies that would like to promote a soothing, calming, eco-friendly look and feel should consider a fresh spring green for their working space. It's like having a little bit of nature alongside you all day, every day--and green is often thought to be a good colour for promoting happiness and health.

  3. Pastel Lilac: Purple tones have been said to promote intelligence and deep thinking, making them a great choice for an academic environment. Darker purples can be overpowering and gloomy, however, so stick to lilacs and mauves to really make the most of this gorgeous colour.

  4. Baby Pink: Is your business involved in skincare, cosmetics, personal health or luxury hygiene? Pink is a deliciously pampering colour, and will make anyone who works in or visits your offices feel as though they've stepped into a truly special place.

  5. Rich Turquoise: Artistic and creative companies might like to branch out a little into a bold turquoise. Handled well and paired with plenty of white it's not too overpowering, and it's said to help stimulate the imagination.

...and five to avoid.

  1. Bright Red: Red has long been thought to make people feel irritable and on-edge--which is the last thing you need in the office!

  2. Deep Indigo: Dark colours like indigo or royal blue can be gloomy and overwhelming, making people feel sleepy or depressed.

  3. Warm Terracotta: Earth tones aren't always a great choice for office spaces--they're warm and welcoming, sure, but they can seem a little too homey and unprofessional.

  4. Storm Grey: While the clean, steely look might be appealing at first glance, in the long run you're likely to find that it drags on your spirits a little.

  5. Pure White: Not only is painting an office white a bit of a cliche, it's also not actually very practical! White dirties quickly, looks cold and clinical and creates an atmosphere nobody feels at home in.