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Industries That Require a Land Surveyor

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A land surveyor carries out important functions in determining and marking land boundaries, amending certificates of title and carrying out land subdivisions. The services of a land surveyor are important in determining where roads will be constructed, establishing the boundaries of properties, and giving permission for pipelines, commercial structures, and sewers to be built on a piece of land.

Therefore, many different industries rely on the services of a land surveyor to establish the exact state of a piece of land and its suitability for various projects. Here are some common industries that should consult a land surveyor before beginning work on a piece of land.


The construction industry often requires a land surveyor to carry out critical functions on land that they intend to use. First, the surveyor will need to establish boundaries to avoid any disputes with neighbors. They may also need to issue a certificate of title for the land to ensure that the construction company legally owns the property. If any subdivisions are necessary, a surveyor will also complete them in accordance with the law.

Depending on the nature of the construction project, the suitability of the land may need to be determined. For example, the land surveyor may need to establish if a skyscraper being built at a certain location will be stable enough for the ground and weather conditions.


Infrastructure design and construction is highly dependent on land surveying services. For example, the construction of roads and bridges will need to be done on suitable pieces of land that don't interfere with private property or natural resources.

A land surveyor will typically examine the land to ensure that its boundaries are clearly marked and its underground properties offer enough stability to uphold infrastructure. This is especially important when designing bridges to ensure that they are safe enough for public use.

Oil and gas

When constructing pipelines for the oil and gas industry, land surveyors can help to determine the route of the pipeline and to ensure it doesn't encroach on natural resources or other types of land. Oil pipelines may be a risk factor if they pass through conserved lands such as national parks and forests. The pipelines may either need to divert to a new path or have several safety mechanisms that prevent leaks.

Residential properties

On residential land, surveys are mostly carried out to clearly establish boundaries and to avoid or resolve disputes. In most cases, the findings of a land surveyor are legally binding and their findings are often admissible in court. Therefore, they serve an important role in determining the current state of a piece of land and its boundaries.