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3 Reasons You Need Fuel Tank Hire for Your Land Clearing Project

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If you are taking on the project of land clearing for a home, then you might be considering reducing costs by handling it yourself. This means taking on the task of using an equipment hire to handle the different land clearing tools you will need through the process. One aspect of this project you may not have considered is the need for a fuel tank hire. If you don't believe you will need a fuel tank hire, or if you are overlooking it as a costly endeavour, then consider these three reasons to change your mind.

1. Diesel Equipment

When you think about fuel tanks, you probably think about the general tanks that hold fuel for cars, trucks, and similar vehicles. What you may not think about are the diesel engine machinery that will need fuel as well. In fact, most of the equipment you will be using on your land clearing project will run off diesel. If your project is going to take several days or more, you can avoid multiple expensive trips to get more fuel by simply using a fuel tank hire and getting a 100-gallon tank or larger.

2. Fuel for All Vehicles

During the course of your land clearing project, you will likely change out the equipment you use several times. For example, you may use an equipment hire to hire a bulldozer first and later move to an auger or another device. Most, if not all, of these pieces of equipment, use the same type of fuel. If you have a fuel tank on hand, you will already have the fuel ready for each piece of equipment. This saves time, saves money since you can buy the fuel at a bulk rate, and ensures you are not having to make multiple trips for different vehicles and different tank capacities.

3. Easily Change the Tank

One of your questions about using a fuel tank hire may be regarding changing out that tank if you need something larger. When you use a fuel tank hire, you can contact the hire company and make the necessary swap you need if you find out that 100 gallons are not enough for the project scope. Though this will likely have an additional fee, once that fee is paid, you can easily change out the tank. The company will pick up the old tank, bring the new tank, and your contract can be updated to reflect the change.

If these three reasons have helped to change your mind about using a fuel tank hire, contact your local equipment and fuel hire representative. They can help you with the right size of tank, delivery and any questions you have regarding use.