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How To Decide What Mobility Scooter Is Right For You

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As Australia's population continues to age, it is only natural that there are increasing amounts of products and services that help make life more comfortable for the older generations. One of the more popular and luxurious tools to come about in recent decades is the mobility scooter. While it was once an unattainable item for most households, over time, the cost to access this luxury has gone down due to the advance and proliferation of technology. Now it is at a price point where it is affordable to most people who might need it. Find out which type of mobility scooter best suits your needs.

Battery Life

Mobility scooters are never going to have the range of traditional cars, but that is not their purpose because cars already exist. What they do need to have is a moderate range, and the distance needed is individual to each customer. If you need your mobility scooter to be able to travel long distances to reach the shops or a medical centre, then look for a longer-lasting or efficient battery. The battery powers everything on your mobility scooter and is the most important component in that respect. Also, consider how easy your battery will be to replace if it breaks down, and try to stick to models that are widely available.

Chair Design

If you are getting a mobility scooter for a particular injury or disability, then the chair's design should be your primary concern. Those that have a broken leg, hip or other body part that affects their walking should look for a mobility scooter that allows them to travel comfortably. It should have good support and a lot of foot room. On the other hand, those that are using the scooter to travel longer distances should choose a chair that is best for long sessions. Consider what your needs are and then narrow your search down accordingly.

​Miscellaneous Features

When choosing a mobility scooter, the most important thing is that it fulfils your needs and wants. There are many options, gimmicks, customisations and other individual features that mobility scooters can come with, and you should consider what you do and don't need. Some common ones to get you started include:

  • Storage: if you are doing regular shopping trips, then storage will come at a premium, and you should look for a scooter with easily accessible storage.
  • Lighting: if you are often caught outside in the late afternoon and evening, then good lighting will be important for your safety.
  • Wheels: for those in the country that have to travel over grass and rougher terrain than the sidewalk, heavy-duty wheels will be very important.
  • Build quality: if you are taking longer trips or live in a more environmentally hostile place, then the quality of construction will make a huge difference in your ongoing service costs.

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