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Factors to Consider When Buying Sawdust

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Sawdust is one of the most useful by-products of timber processing. It can be used in applications such as the creation of horse bedding, making garden mulch, strengthening potting mixes and absorbing oil spills. The most amazing thing about sawdust is that it is organic and biodegradable, which means you can use it in any environment without fearing that it will create any form of pollution. If you want to buy sawdust, it is advisable to inspect the quality of products from different suppliers before settling on one. Here are three factors to have in mind when making a purchase. 

The Purpose of the Dust

The first factor to think about is what you need the dust for. Sawdust comes in a variety of grain sizes and smoothness. If, for instance, you want to make bedding for horses or pigs, you will need dust with two qualities, excellent absorbency and a fine texture. This will help absorb the wetness coming from the animal urine, which keeps the animals comfortable for longer. It will also minimise the possibility of the animal getting minute cuts and other injuries from the sharpness of the sawdust grains.

The Amount of Dust 

The purpose of the sawdust will affect the amount that you need. If you need bedding for a huge pigsty of a horse stable, you will have to organise with a supplier that can easily supply enough load to fill a semi. On the other hand, if you need a little amount for purposes such as strengthening a potters mix, get a sawdust supplier who is comfortable with measuring smaller quantities out. 

The Source of the Sawdust

Different wood species give different types of sawdust. The texture and absorbency of sawdust from a pine tree may not be similar to that of a hardwood species. The durability of the sawdust at times also depends on the tree source and the grade. If you are not sure whether the quality you are being offered will serve your function well, it is advisable to speak with knowledgeable suppliers as they will advise you on the best quality for your needs.

These are the crucial considerations to make when shopping for sawdust. When you invest in premium-quality dust, you increase the time it will be useful to you, which means it will take longer before you need more. Take time with the selection and buy from credible suppliers, and you will not be disappointed.