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Preparing Your Business for a Fire Safety Inspection

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When you're running a business or managing a property, you have a duty to ensure it's safe. One key safety area you can't afford to ignore is fire safety. Whether you have a fire safety inspection on the horizon or not, here are some ways to make sure you'll pass in the event of a spot check.

Carry Out Fire Equipment Maintenance

The type of fire equipment you will use at your property will vary according to your business's activities. Regardless of what equipment you rely on, you need to maintain it regularly.

One key part of fire equipment maintenance is replacing used items. A fire extinguisher that doesn't contain the minimum contents could make you fail your inspection. Additionally, check to ensure none of your equipment is out of date.

Appoint a Responsible Person

Although everyone in your organisation should have a sound awareness of fire safety, it's good practice to appoint a responsible person. Your responsible person will play a key role in overseeing drills and tests. They'll also update escape routes and congregation areas whenever it's necessary to do so.

Depending on the size of your business, you may want to appoint more than one responsible person. This is particularly important if shift patterns at your business vary.

Carry Out Regular Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments give you the chance to identify potential hazards. Once you know what they are, you can remove them and increase your chances of passing your fire safety inspection.

Carrying out a regular assessment also ensures that you can change your safety plans in line with your business's evolving needs. For example, if you hire more people or you begin using rooms for different purposes, there's a chance you will need to alter your safety plans.

Organise Your Documents

Any inspector who visits your property will want to review certain documents. For example, your risk assessments, tests, and records of any drills you carry out.

By keeping your documents well organised, you can present them to a safety inspector on demand. Most safety inspectors are unlikely to accept disorganisation as an excuse for not being able to review your documents. So whenever you complete them, make sure you place them in a dedicated file.

With routine planning and a little organisation, you'll make it easier to pass your fire safety inspection. As a result, you won't face unnecessary business downtime and everything can continue running as normal.

To learn more about fire safety and maintenance, contact a company that offers fire safety inspections.