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3 Guidelines You Should Follow to Get Ideal Mobility Equipment

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One of the things that people living with disabilities crave is autonomy. Autonomy starts with buying the right independent living equipment. The equipment could include motorised wheelchairs, wheeled walkers, walking frames, and other mobility aids.

Buying the right equipment is just the first step of the process. The second and most important bit is making sure that your equipment is properly adjusted for the home environment of the user. You can only assess the efficiency of the equipment when you have installed it and have started using it.

Here are three guidelines to follow when you want to get superior quality mobility equipment for your loved ones.

1. Consider Assistive Technology

A lot of advances have been made in technology. Today, a wheelchair is not as simple as it used to be. You can find some that have such sophisticated technology that you can operate them remotely. Assistive technology allows the user to operate the mobility equipment with the touch of a button or a sensor.

However, you have to be cautious when shopping for equipment with assistive technology. Make sure that the technology is approved by the relevant authorities. Buying assistive technology equipment from the wrong salespeople might not get you the quality you are looking for. Take time and look for trusted brands. Visit them in person and inquire about the technology they have.

2. Think About the Cost

Everyone considers the cost of the mobility equipment they are about to invest their money in. However, not everyone understands that there are VAT exemptions when buying equipment to assist people living with disabilities.

Not knowing what VAT exemptions you can get could lead to overspending on something that could have cost you much less. However, remember that exemptions only apply to equipment designed for disabled people alone. Anything that can be used by non-disabled people does not qualify for the exemption.

3. Choosing Between Buying and Renting

Mobility equipment is not cheap. A lot of people shy away from getting the equipment that could transform their lives because they don't know that there are ways in which they can fund the purchase.

Before giving up on a particular piece of equipment, check if the supplier gives them on loan or for hire. This will help your loved one move around when they need it the most and at an affordable rate.

With time and dedication, you will find the perfect mobility equipment for your needs. Always shop from trusted brands as you can be assured of quality, durable, and efficient mobility equipment.

Reach out to a mobility equipment supplier today to learn more.