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How To Make Sure Your Mobility Scooters Last A Long Time

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Mobility scooters are expensive tools that are used by many to help make their quality of life a lot better than what it would be like without them. From those suffering from debilitating injuries to some who simply are too old to comfortably walk around for that long, mobility scooters have a whole range of clients that use them. However, because they are used so often, they will see issues if you do not maintain them well. Here are a few practices that you can put in place to make sure that the mobility scooters you own last as long as they possibly can.

Store Them Inside

A lot of people store their mobility scooters under awnings or on their verandah, and while this does offer some protection, it is not enough. Moisture, dirt and grime can all still affect mobility scooters that are stored in these positions, and that will affect the electrical components in short order. Having storage space for your mobility scooter on the inside of your home will make sure that it isn't prematurely aged when you aren't even using it. They don't take up much room, and most people find that they have space in their garage or a spare room near the door. 

Battery Maintenance

Mobility scooters are very reliant on batteries for all their functions, and while modern batteries are far better than previous generations, that does not mean they last forever. Battery maintenance is vital, especially for mobility scooters that are used on a semi-daily basis. There are a variety of mechanics that offer regular services for your mobility scooter, much like you would schedule for a car. Just because it is smaller and slower does not mean your mobility scooter doesn't have a lot of the same components that need to be serviced.

Driving Habits

It can be fun to treat your mobility scooter as a bit of an off-road vehicle and try to take on longer patches of grass and dirt than you probably should. Unless you have specifically manufactured off-road tires and a capable battery (a lot of mobility scooters will get overheated trying to go through rougher terrain) you should always stick to paved roads and streets. That is what your scooter was designed for and that is what it will survive on best, so keep off-road time to a minimum, and if you do have to go over something a little rougher, make sure to take it slow and steady!